Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Summary

Before I get to the 2009 Summary, just a quick update on the foot injury…

The good news is my foot is feeling better and better every day. It's been about 2.5 weeks since it was the worst and I went to the doctor. I'm now walking normal with no limp and no pain at all. On a side note, I've had a nice bump in my FTP since I have only been about to ride the bike and I also started a 6 week push-up and pull-up challenge and can already tell I'm getting stronger and only two weeks in.

The bad news is not running is starting to really bug me and isn't helping my weight since I love to eat. I'm disappointed I missed the EN run challenge and I also missed the Slowtwitch 100/100 challenge. I know not running is the right thing to do and I'm forcing myself not to run for a few more days to make sure I don't set myself back.

If my foot continues to be pain free for the next few days I'm going to begin to do some very short and easy runs on the treadmill later this week and see how it holds up.

2009 Summary– A Great Year

I set a PRs at every distance I raced, earned a Kona spot, a Clearwater Spot, an Age Group win at IMWI, and a bunch of podium finishes. A few key things happened to enable this year to be so great, first off I changed jobs so I was no longer traveling, second I started to train with Endurance Nation, and third I was very focused on my training and body composition for an entire year.

2009 Race Results

  • Ironman Wisconsin - 9:49:30 - 1st AG, 29th OA
  • Spirit of Racine AquaBike - 2:42:46, 2nd OA
  • Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 4:25:40 - 24th OA, 8th AG
  • Chicago Spring Half Marathon - 1:17:34, 3rd OA
  • Bunny Dash 5k - 16:59, 3rd OA, 1st AG
  • March Madness Half Marathon - 1:20:06, 21st OA, 6th AG
  • New York City Marathon – Pace Leader for 4:00
  • Ironman 70.3 World Championship – 4:24

2009 Training Totals

Well, I swam almost twice as much as previous years an only got 5 seconds per hundred faster, hmm maybe Coach Rich is on to something J I road about the same hours as the last time I did an ironman, but I worked significantly harder and got significantly faster as a result. I ran less then I have the last two years (40 hours less than last year) and continued to get faster.

  • Swim – 460,219.20 yards in 130 hours, 43 minutes - 1:42 / 100 yd
  • Bike – 6566.08 miles in 296 hours, 39 minutes – 22.13 mph
  • Run – 2299.20 miles in 266 hours, 37 minutes – 6:58 minute mile
  • Total Hours: 694 Hours or 1.90 hours a day average

2010 Goals

As I said in a previous post, 2010 is going to be a little different. I'm still competitive as it is just my personality, but I'm going to take a year to have fun. Two of my dreams have come true as I get to race Boston and Kona this year. I'm going to train hard, have fun and enjoy the events I have the privilege to compete in this year, and recharge so I can come back even stronger in 2011. I'm also very excited for the birth of my first child and plan to spend a ton of time with baby mancona.