Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Recent Photos

It seems I have been writing a lot recently and not posting many pictures, so I figured it was time to upload a few recent ones.

A few miles into the March Madness Half Marathon. It's really hard to go slow for the first few miles, but it sure does pay off.

Trying to make up 6 more seconds in the last .1 miles of the half marathon and not pass out. My Garmin has me at a 5:15 pace right there. Finished at 1:20:06.

The sprint to the finish of the Bunny Dash 5k, this time I made it under my goal and finished at 16:59. Both Theresa and Jim took almost the exact same picture, but Jim managed to catch me with both feet in the air.

The Argon E-112 is all built and ready to go.

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