Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Tri Week

Based on Rich and Patrick’s advice on the benefit of doing a big tri week over at Endurance Nation, I took advantage of the holiday weekend and put together 6 days of swimming, cycling and running.

Life got in the way a little bit between a night out with friends, a day on the boat and family parties, but I’m pleased with how much I was able to get in.

Totals for 6 days:
Swim: 2:14 – 8000 yards
Bike: 18:40 – 346 miles
Run: 6:20 – 52 miles
Sleep: Not Enough

Total: 27:17 and just over 400 miles

I’m pretty shocked at how well my body handled all of it, at no point during the week where my legs the limiter… just my neck, back, and lack of sleep or nutrition. I actually think it was much more challenging mentally then physically.

The details:

Day 1:
Swim: 0:50 swim lesson with lots of hard intervals and I set new 50, 100, and 200 PRs
Run: 1:50 15.7 miles – long run at zone 1 pace (very easy) so I wouldn’t be shelled for the weekend.

Day 2:
Bike: 6:50 130.5 miles - 3 loops on IMWI course (Aero the entire time except the climbs)
Brick Run: 0:45 6 miles

Day 3:
Less then 3 hours sleep and the long day before left me tired
Bike: 2:15 41 miles (rolling hills like IMWI course)
Brick Run: 0:45 5.7 miles (very hilly)
Wake Boarding in the afternoon
Meant to swim, but it didn’t happen

Day 4:
Back and neck were really tight, but after some icy hot and time on the foam roller I got out the door
Bike: 3:30 63 miles in Barrington Hills
Brick Run: 1:00 8.1 miles

Day 5:
Swim: 0:32 2000 yards mostly easy with one set of 5 x 100 hard
Bike: 6:00 112 miles in Barrington Hills (Thanks to Cheryl, Tony, Guy, Keith from Well-fit, and Hayes I had different people to ride with for most of the 6 hours)
Brick Run: 0:30 4 miles

Day 6:
Swim: 0:50 3000 yards, some drills with 5 x 100 and 5 x 50 hard
Run: 1:30 12.4 miles – easy long run to wrap of the week.

As of now, I’m feeling strong and ready to keep going, however I am going to give my legs a rest tomorrow and just swim to be safe.

For the rest of the week I will be doing a ton of swimming and then it's back to focusing on Ironman Wisconsin which is now less then 10 weeks away. I can't wait...

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