Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exciting Announcement

I am very excited to announce the sponsors I will be working with in 2010.

I will be a member of the 2010 Zoot Ultra Triathlon Team and sponsored by Zoot Sports, Orbea USA, Zipp Speed Weaponry, Gu Energy, View Goggles, Fuel Belt, and ALCiS.

Additionally, I will be sponsored by the Get A Grip Cycles Elite Tri Team and continue to be supported by Endurance Nation.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating this website and providing more information, but I had to share the great news now.

In even more exciting news, my first child, Abigail Marie Ancona was born 2/05/10 at 9:45 AM.  Mother and Baby are doing great!

Thank You to everyone that supported me in 2009, without you I would not have this great opportunity. 

Of course the biggest thank you goes to Theresa who continues to support my triathlon hobby and never ending talk about triathlon all the way up until the day Abigail was born.


  1. Looks Good!!! I wonder who took the picture of you on the header and the side. They have some great photography skills!

    Congratulations again on a great 2009, I'm so proud of you, and all the doors it has opened for 2010!