Saturday, August 28, 2010

Checking In...

Well it has been a while, so I figured I should check in.  Life has been a little busy.  I've been off in my own little world getting my Kona training in, while also taking on a large new project at work and of course trying to spend time with my wife and daughter.  That doesn't leave much time for blogging.

Training Updates:
  • Training is going really well.  We have been fortunate to have a hot and humid summer which is just what I needed.
  • I've been able to do a number of great rides with a friend that is getting ready for IMWI (Jim Hansen).  It has been awesome to have the company.
  • I finally found a master group that works with my schedule and is a good group with a good coach.  I've been setting PRs in the pool and they even taught me Fly and how to start on the blocks.  Who knows maybe they will convince me to compete in a swim meet.
  • Swim, Bike and Run fitness are all right on track.  My weight is up compared to last year but I'm ok with that.  First, I believe the swimming as put some upper body muscle on and second I'm not willing to be super strict with my diet this year to force my body to a low weight.  I'm just focusing on eating well.

Race Rehearsal 1:
I did my first of 2 race rehearsals for Kona.  It went awesome and was by far the best RR I have ever had. 

Swim - I started with a 3850 M swim and just tried to stay relaxed and comfortable.  I ended up coming in at 1:04:15 which I'll take.  Sure I would like to be quicker and could be if I swam hard but I don't think it is worth killing myself for just a few minutes.

Bike - the weather turned out just how I wanted and I got hot, direct sun, and wind all day!  116.1 miles in 5:10 and stayed under my goal watts.  Felt awesome in the last hour and pushed pretty hard towards the end.  I definitely could have pushed much harder but I think this is exactly how I should ride.

Run - I ticked off the first three miles effortlessly and nailed my three target paces for the day.  I felt great so I went 5 more at under 6:55 pace.  Ended up doing 8.1 miles in 56 minutes.

I could not have asked for more and am ready and excited for Kona!

Other Updates:
  • CAF - Now that I'm down racing (other then Kona) and even gave you the results of my RR, that is all the information you are getting.  PLEASE help me support CAF.  You can make a guess at my Kona time and win something, or just donate.  I'm trying to avoid emailing everyone I know to ask for donations as I know most of you read this!
  • SpiderTech - I now part of the SpiderTech Quest to Kona test team and testing out some of their products during my training for Kona.  More on that soon.
  • Zoot - As usual the guys at Zoot are awesome.  I've tested the 2011 Tempo 4.0s and the Energy 3.0s, both are awesome shoes with some nice improvements.  I was pleasantly surprised by both.  Jake hooked me up with some Red Race 3.0s for Kona training and racing and they are by far my favorite shoe ever.

In case you missed it above... HELP ME SUPPORT CAF.


  1. Looks like things are rollin for you. Keep it up!! Can't wait to follow you in kona

  2. Matt,
    Good luck in Kona..You're an awesome athlete and absolutley deserve to be at that race. I'm sure you'll handle all the adversity the course and conditions throw at you. It will be fun to watch.