Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Goals

While reviewing how 2010 and previous years went I noticed a few patterns:
  • My best performances of the year are during training or early season races that I don't taper for
  • When I try to taper it doesn't go well. I either add more workouts in or show up to the race feeling de-trained and like I just took a month off
  • I gain the most "fitness" during the out season and then see very little gains in the actual season
  • I have yet to run well in an Ironman
  • I can't do this just for fun, as for me the fun part is setting a goal and achieving it
  • I tend to have higher goals for myself then I share
After a ton of thought and many discussion with friends and mentors I've decided to make two changes this year.

The easy one: I have written down all of my goals including the ones I usually wouldn't share and the long term ones.  Now I have one set of goals and there is no hiding or changing things.

The hard one: To meet my goals, I will be starting with a one on one coach.

I know most people are thinking what's so hard about starting with a coach; well for a control freak like me it is pretty hard.  It took me a long time to be able to commit to this as I have enjoyed coaching myself and working with Endurance Nation for training plans and advice. However I feel in many ways I have become my own biggest limiter.  I'll share more on about this soon, but in the meantime here are my goals.

2011 Goals:
  • Taper well and peak at the right times (i.e. PR in key races not training or C events)
  • Run well off the bike with an IM run IF of at least 0.78. I have yet to go over 0.75.
  • Follow my plan/coach and do not overachieve in training when I'm feeling strong
  • Continue to improve my swim and do a 1000 M TT in under 15:00
  • Qualify for a USAT Elite Card
  • Qualify for a Age Group Kona Slot
Long Term Goals:
  • Race as an Elite triathlete
  • 9:00 Ironman
  • 4:00 70.3
  • 2:30 Marathon
  • 1:10 Half Marathon


  1. Matt -
    I can relate to some of your frustrations, particularly the taper and best performances coming during the midst of heavy training - that was pretty much 2009 for me :(

    I think that making the move to a 1x1 coach will be a great move for you.

    Good luck this year - hopefully we'll cross paths at a couple of races

  2. No doubt you can pull this off! You're not afraid if the work, and have the support crew behind you. Can't wait to see you crack off a crazy run split at Wisconsin!!