Sunday, August 28, 2011

Training Update

I haven't posted in a while for a few reasons. First, between training, work, and wanting to spend time with my wife and daughter I really don't have much time, so this blog has been neglected. Secondly, I haven't really had anything interesting to say as training has just been consistent. In past years, I had tons of ups and downs. When I had the ups or the epic training camps/experiences I would blog or be more active online.
This year has been different though. My workouts are structured a little differently and I now focus on not going to hard and just hitting the targets. I use to look at every workout as an opportunity to test myself and go faster than the one before. Now I just get the right amount of work done and then shut it down to get ready for the next workout. The result is that since February 1st I have only cut 2 workouts short and every single other workout I have done and hit the target intensity. The huge difference is that I don't have to dig nearly as deep in training and I'm never shelled after a long ride or long run. In a way it is almost boring as I get up every day and I know I will hit my watts or pace targets exactly and then be done. I still have my occasional slip and go a little too hard, but I'm significantly better at catching myself and backing off before I do any damage.

As far as my training for Wisconsin, well it's been going great. I have nailed all my long rides, hit my target watts in every single one and been able to run very well off the bike. I've been on the course enough that I'm pretty sure I know where every crack in the pavement is and I've had some great rides up there. On the run, I haven't done any epic 2.5 hour 23 mile runs like last year, however I just hit my target paces day in and day out without any trouble. The swim is a little different for me. Some days I can feel the water and my stroke feels great and other days I just feel like I'm fighting the water. The good news is bad days are few and far between and I'm learned how to back off and relax instead of fighting and wearing myself out.

Only two weeks left now and these are by far the hardest weeks of the year for me. My ego wants to continue to train hard, but my brain needs to over power that urge and keep me in check. Just 14 days of holding back now and letting my body get to ready to race.

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  1. Good luck, Matt. Here's hoping your race is a boring as your workouts and you bore yourself to about a nine hour finishing time!