Sunday, February 26, 2012

That went by fast...

I just did the race I consider the start to my season every year and after I finished I realized I haven't posted a blog since my last race of last season.  Sorry about that.  I am alive and well.  Just super busy at work which is a good thing as  I'd much rather be busy than bored or unemployed.  Any free time I have is either training or spending time with my family, so things like this blog, twitter, facebook, etc have slipped off my radar for the last few months.

Anyway, today was the local Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri.  I've done this for the last 4 years to benchmark my fitness coming out of the out season and starting up my training for my first race.  In the grand scheme of things this race is like a C race for me but I'm always really nervous as I really want to see some improvement.

I'm very excited that I was able to show improvement and set PBs on the swim, bike and run today.  I was expected to swim better as I have been swimming considerable more than previous years and consistently with a local Masters team.  However, I wasn't sure about the bike and run.  Workouts have been going very well but for the most part I'm putting up the same numbers I was last season.

No that the season is underway, I'll make a better effort to check in here more often.  Coming up next is the Cary March Madness Half Marathon and then I'm off to San Diego for Zoot Camp.  I'm looking forward to another weekend with the Zoot team and working with them again this year.

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