Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Bike

Back in junior high when I was into BMX I decide to build up my own bike. I picked each part individually, ordered them over a few months and built the bike up. In fact, I may have enjoyed the process of building the bike almost as much as riding and I am still proud of that bike today.

Now that I have been doing triathlons for a few years, I decided I wanted to build up a new race bike. There is nothing wrong with my current tri bike (a 2005 Felt S22). It has been good to me and still works well, but I've decided I would like a full carbon bike and to built it from scratch on my own. Plus I figure since I put more miles on my bike in a year then my car I should have something I'm proud of.

I've started by buying a 2008 Argon 18 e-112 frameset and now I am in the process of picking out all of the other parts. I went back and forth between the e-112 and a Cervelo P2C. The Cervelo is known for being one of the best bikes for the money and there are always hundreds of them at every race. I was really close to gettin a P2C, but I have always really liked the Argon bikes and was able to get an 2008 model which brough the price down to around the same as the P2C so I went for it.

So far I have the frame and fork, and I also have a base bar and aero bars. I will probably just take all of the dura-ace components off of my current bike, clean them up and move them over to this bike instead of spending money on new components.

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  1. nice bike want to give me your old Felt? =)